Control Theory: 8ohm vs 4ohm

More control = better sound. Simple as that.

One of the questions we get most often is “Why are your Front SoundStage Speakers ~8ohms vs all of the other aftermarket options that are 4ohms or 2ohms?”

Well, two reasons, and in both cases the stars aligned for our end users…

    1. We started with a mission to optimize the factory audio systems, and in order to do so we played within the confines of the factory amplification options.

    2. Having a midrange driver + tweeter that present a nominal load of ~8 ohms gives us ultra-precise control over the widest band of frequencies being reproduced in your Jeep.

Now, so what?

In layman’s terms, an 8ohm load is twice the resistance of a 4ohm load, and 4 times that of a 2ohm speaker. Twice the resistance (or 4 times) is twice the control of the speakers’ transient response, one of the most critical electro-acoustical aspects to delivering detailed, neutral sound to the listener. Coupled with the components’ location atop the dashboard, high and with a near-vertical windshield directly in front them, we have what amounts to be an almost perfect soundstage. In our Jeeps.

How lucky are we? The holy grail of a soundstage in a Jeep. Who would’ve thought…


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