Music Monday: Five Dynamic Test Tracks

Welcome to Music Monday, a short weekly post where we'll share our tried and true test tracks, deep dives into our favorite songs that we've heard thousands of times in the development process, and what we have on heavy rotation at the office and in the Jeep.

This week we'll kick it off with five dynamic tracks we've used for years to tune both car audio and home systems. Along with each song, we've listed some insight into what to look for in the music and how you'll experience it in your Jeep with our speakers.

Rock on!


1 "Welcome to the Machine" - Pink Floyd
Listen for the distinct stereo separation (left, right, left, right) high in the soundstage as the synth increases in presence, enveloped by a thunderous bass response that brings David Gilmour's dynamic vocals to the dashboard of your Jeep. Expect goosebumps.

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2 "Higher Love" - Steve Winwood

One of the most dynamic tracks I've ever heard. The stereo punchiness of the drums as the track builds from the start, The full orchestral presence coupled with synth tracks that challenge the midrange drivers to stay focused on the next explosion of sound. I've been using this track to tune systems since the mid 90's, and to this day still look to it for what a speaker should and shouldn't be doing. 

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3 "Right Here (Human Nature Radio Remix)" - SWV

Again, brilliant stereo separation at the onset of the track with synth notes dancing across the dashboard. Powerful kick drums to wake up the mids before Michael's melodic harmony begins SWV's vocal journey. The breakbeat behind SWV's voices keeps the low end responsive and the Terra speaker system performing to its limits. One of my favorite tracks to share with new listeners as it's got something for everyone.

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4 "Whiskey and You" - Chris Stapleton

Unequivocally the most dynamic, midrange + vocal-centric track that brings Terra Acoustics' engineering to life. It's as if Chris is sitting atop your Jeep's dash, strumming his guitar and belting his soul into the cabin. You'll feel his vocal chords crawl across your skin as his powerful voice tells the tale of loving two of the most dangerous temptations the world has to offer...

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5 "Rockit" - Herbie Hancock

Big, synth-driven funk focused on stereo separation with blended low-end boom. Our speakers shine throughout this track, highlighting just how dynamic the early days of electronic music were. I used this track to tune thousands of cars over the years, as well as every speaker system we've ever designed. It exposes every flaw in a speaker if there's one to be found, and lets me know what we need to do to make sure our speakers perform effortlessly across all listening levels.

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