Music Monday: Heavy Rotation - "World on Fire"

 World on Fire (Feat. Slightly Stoopid) - Stick Figure

For this week's installment of Music Monday, we wanted to feature a favorite track we've had on heavy rotation recently - as well as a little insight into how we discovered it.

World on Fire (feat. Slightly Stoopid) by Stick Figure. 

"I first heard this track at a dive beach bar on Playa Maderas while vacationing in Nicaragua. The bartender was rocking out to it and loved it so much, he played it four times in a row. Ever since then, it's been a "go to" jam whenever life gets hectic and I need a four minute mental escape to some tropical locale with a cool breeze and a frosty mojito." - Zach 

Give it a listen on Spotify or Apple Music. After you hear the original, check out the remix that includes Tribal Seeds, The Green, Common Kings, and The Movement. 


FYI: Big shipping news end of the week!


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