Product Design Evolution - Improvement Through Customer Feedback

Measuring twice and cutting once has been our launch protocol since the early 2000’s, but we knew changes might need to be made based on feedback from our end users. And sure enough, you’ve helped our system evolve over this past year to make it even easier to install than even our 20+ years of experience could’ve predicted. 

So, thank you. Here’s what we’ve done, including the newest iteration that’s rolling out in the weeks ahead …

  • Extended tweeter lead wires from 6” to 10”. Easier to adjust grilles + tweeter wiring atop the dashboard while installing the midrange drivers.

  • Pulled midrange plug off of speaker basket and added 4” of length for additional ease of connecting midrange to factory connector.

  • Included a magnetic 7mm bit that works with the factory Jeep ratchet included in the windshield removal tool kit. 

The Jeep community has proven to be a valuable partner in ways we never imagined possible. Again, thank you all for being a part of the Terra Acoustics team.