Shipping Challenges Big and Small

Terra Acoustics Shipping Challenges

Update December 2022: Our shipping pipeline has improved immensely, and by keeping the majority of the labor required to build the speakers directly in our ownership we've been able to hold strong to the $249 cost structure without increasing our pricing.

As you're likely aware, global shipping backlogs have become an increasingly challenging hurdle to overcome for small businesses, and we're no exception. 

We're bringing in speakers as fast as we can, but there are severe limitations both in terms of the packages themselves as well as the actual shipping costs of each package. 

We're only able to load 4 speaker kits per master carton due to the magnetic interference given off from the neodymium magnets on the midrange drivers. FedEx can only pick up 5 master cartons at a time to load on a particular plane, as that's the limit of EMI that each pickup can contain. 

From there, each kit has a ~$30USD plane ticket attached to it, when our business plan factored in an inbound unit cost closer to $3USD. 

That combined with higher outbound shipping costs have led to an approximate $40USD shipping line item to each kit's bill of materials, which is simply unsustainable in the long term.

As we work through the first purchase order we've placed with our supplier we'll do our best to hold on to the $249 pricing that we launched with, but we can expect to see a price increase of our Front Soundstage kits as we begin receiving the second order. We'll be transparent about that change in pricing as we approach the New Year, so keep an eye on our social channels for last-chance opportunities to lock in the launch price point.

As always, we're beyond grateful for your support and trust in our engineering and support systems that we've put in place to ensure you have nothing less than the best service throughout your purchase experience.