State of the Speaker

2022 is here, and with that comes growth and innovation in both our products and how we’re dealing with the ongoing international shipping and supply chain conundrum.

All of the below needs to be prefaced with our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of your support for our company as we navigate these choppy waters.

Waitlist + Delivery Schedules

Our waitlist continues to grow, and as you’re reading this it’s likely eclipsing 800 Jeep owners that share our passion for impeccable sound quality that guides our adventures. We’ve got 100 more complete kits en route over the next 4 weeks. This should cover those of you that signed up the week after Thanksgiving through the first two weeks of December.

We’re at-best 6 weeks out on delivery for most of you that signed up after December 15th. That could all change for the better, and we genuinely hope it does. We won’t be inundating your inbox with weekly optimistic emails until we have definitive timeframes moving forward.

What We’re Doing to Alleviate Delays

  1. We’ve changed the way we’re bringing product to the US. No more fully packaged kits being sent over for us to rework and finish. We’re bringing raw speakers and grilles, which allow for more parts per package to get us through the waitlist nearly 4x faster. We’ve also added an additional 4” to the tweeter leads, making installation even easier.

  2. We’ve moved package design and manufacturing to the States. It’s very important to us to have as much of our final deliverable product made and assembled here in the United States. Now, with our partners here in Illinois, we’ve cut down our packaging footprint while minimizing waste and environmental hazards.

We’ll keep everyone posted on social, as well email as we learn more. Again, your support is the reason we’re able to do what we do, and we’ll always be humbled by the love we’ve been shown these past 3 months.

We know this is probably wasn’t the news you wanted when you saw our name pop up in your inbox, but we’re strong believers in transparency and communication. If you have any questions at all, or want to swap favorite new tracks you’re rocking out to, reach out anytime.

Much love,
The Terra Acoustics Team