Terra Tech: Tweeters + Reimagined Grilles

Jeep Front SoundStage Speaker Upgrade - Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT

The tweeters we’ve incorporated into our Jeep Front SoundStage Upgrades are ones we’ve been working with for over 15 years. Typically used in much higher end mobile and home applications, we’ve taken a proven design and added some ruggedness to it given our Jeeps’ less-than-ideal environment.

Starting with a woven 20mm silk dome, we’ve coated the material with a UV protectant to protect the dome from the constant exposure to the elements given its location. Silk domes are optimal for a smooth, neutral response throughout the higher frequencies. Given the location directly on top of the dash, firing almost directly into a giant glass reflector (your windshield), we want to have as much control of the response of the tweeter as possible without any harshness or tinniness introduced into the music.

The tweeters are housed in machined 6061 aluminum, and cooled using an old school tried-and-true ferrofluid bath at the base of the tweeter. This keeps the tweeters cool and performing optimally at higher volumes for extending listening periods.

Our grilles are a reimagination of the factory panels, with design cues taken from the polished rings around the gauge cluster, radio dials, and A/C vents. On an otherwise dull, fairly bland dashboard, our grilles bring a relevant design element to the environment while adding a polished, refined look to your interior.