What to Expect Acoustically With Our Alpine Front SoundStage Upgrade

How to prepare and what to expect acoustically with our Alpine Front Soundstage Upgrade:

You’ve taken the most important step in making a highly impactful improvement in your Jeep’s listening environment. Combined with the powerful amplification and robust factory subwoofer in your factory Alpine system, our Front Soundstage adds the clarity and detail to music that’s simply missing from the factory configuration.

With the EQ set properly, the power in the Alpine system is clean, consistent, and with our Front SoundStage Upgrade one of the most dynamic audio systems you can have in the automotive environment.

Here’s how we prepare our Jeep’s factory radio as well as our phone’s settings:

  • For acoustical evaluation we must ensure a DIRECT, USB-C connection from your phone to your Jeep. Bluetooth audio transmission loses large bands of frequencies and does not allow for optimal sound quality.
  • For the first three hours of listening, we make sure all tone controls and EQ settings on the radio are set to FLAT, or the middle. Same on your phone’s settings; Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Turn OFF all EQ settings or set them to FLAT.
  • To start, set fader one notch to the front (I set mine to 2 notches to the front as I’m somewhat of a purist), and make sure the balance is centered. Turn speed sensitive volume OFF.
  • NOTE: Due to the engineered electro-acoustical changes in our speaker system, your numerical volume representation will vary from the factory settings. Whereas with the factory system you might find the volume to be “loud” at 20, with our system you’ll be up around 27 to achieve the same output for normal-to-loud listening.

Our system allows EVEN HIGHER outputs above 27 on up to 35 when EQ is properly adjusted with ZERO distortion.

Here’s what you can expect to hear right away:

  • Incredible detail and life revealed in every song. It’s a truly night and day experience.
  • Stunning improvement in bass response of the system given our electro-acoustically balanced components no longer distorting at higher volumes.
  • No more midrange-bias in the front soundstage. Our speakers are balanced and allow the sub-bass and mid-bass frequencies to come forward in the cabin, creating a powerful image and presence in the driver’s seat.
  • Flawless refinement in midrange and upper mid bass response. Vocals are high on the windshield, and kick drums are impactful and present.
  • An overall warm balance to the audio system, with the Jeep’s cabin having a clear, detailed, enveloping sound.
  • After 3 hours of listening, you can make subtle bass and treble adjustments based on your musical tastes. Leave those phone EQ settings flat, however. We don’t want a signal that’s been processed twice.

Here’s what you won’t hear:

  • Distortion. At any level. At any volume.