What to Expect Acoustically With Our Standard Front SoundStage Upgrade

Here's a quick guide on how to prepare your Jeep and what to expect acoustically with our Standard Front SoundStage Speaker Upgrade for Wranglers and Gladiators. You've already taken the first and most important step - ordering your Front SoundStage Upgrade - in making a highly impactful improvement in your Jeep’s listening environment.

Here’s how we prepare our Jeep’s factory radio as well as our phone’s settings: 

  • For acoustical evaluation we must ensure a DIRECT, USB-C connection from your phone to your Jeep. Bluetooth audio transmission loses large bands of frequencies and does not allow for optimal sound quality.
  • For the first three hours of listening, we make sure all tone controls on the radio are set to FLAT, or the middle. Same on your phone’s settings; Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Turn OFF all EQ settings or set them to FLAT.
  • Set fader one notch to the front, and make sure the balance is centered. Turn speed sensitive volume OFF.

Here’s what you can expect to hear right away: 

  • Incredible detail and life revealed in every song. It’s a truly night and day experience.
  • Marked improvement in midrange and upper mid bass response, given we’ve filtered the midrange drivers at 200Hz. Vocals are high on the windshield, and kick drums are impactful and present.
  • An overall warm balance to the audio system, with the Jeep’s cabin having a clear, detailed, enveloping sound.
  • After 3 hours of listening, you can make subtle bass and treble adjustments based on your musical tastes. Leave those phone EQ settings flat, however. We don’t want a signal that’s been processed twice.

Here’s what you won’t hear with our Front SoundStage Upgrade:

  • Low End Bass Response. Simply speaking, your Jeep’s Standard system does not have subwoofers, nor any speakers capable of reproducing sub bass frequencies. This can be achieved with expensive aftermarket products that require complete interior disassembly, wiring, and additional loads placed on your Jeep’s electrical system.

Our Front SoundStage is unequivocally the single most important audio upgrade you can make without any compromising of your Jeep’s overall integrity. It’s perfect for leased Jeeps, and for those of us that just want to make a highly effective, simple DIY upgrade to our Jeep’s audio system.

And, if you want go all in on an aftermarket audio system, our speakers are perfectly capable of playing well with such components. Simply provide them with dedicated output channels on your amplifier, set a high pass filter to ~200Hz, and you can rock them out until your ears bleed.