Why don't you offer a rear speaker "upgrade" for my Jeep?

Why no rear speaker “upgrade” for your Jeep?

The most common question we get, by far, is “Why don’t you offer a speaker upgrade for the sound bar?”

Well, here’s why:The speakers in the sound bar are obviously already behind us, and given the movement of sound through the cabin and that our ears are tuned to sounds in front us (hence a "front soundstage"), we see little if any reason (which is of course debatable, but after 20 years of designing loudspeakers as well as audio systems of all types we've developed a sense for what really works for most people) in spending money on speakers that aren't effectively improving the actual presence of a soundstage in front of us (think of a band at a concert).

We spent the better part of 18 months dialing in this upgrade, and after extensive modeling and actual prototypes installed in the rear sound bar we just don't see (or hear) a valid reason to add speakers/spend money on speakers behind you. Sure, you can "hear" some additional sound coming from behind you but your ears/brain can't process it in such a way that you'll perceive any improvement in what you're actually hearing.

We could’ve easily “designed” some rear speakers (hell, the midrange drivers are identical) and sold it as an upgrade but we’re tired of companies always preaching “more, more, more” when it doesn’t truly benefit the customer.

Measure twice, cut once.

Now, let's upgrade your Jeep's front soundstage, shall we?