Winter 2022 Updates - Tuning, Listening Optimization, 2023 and beyond...

What a year it's been... We can't thank you all enough for the endless support and patience you've given us since our launch back in October 2021.

With thousands of you now enjoying your music like never before, I thought we'd touch base on a few simple tips to optimize the listening experience as your adventures carry you into 2023 and beyond:

  1. For optimal sound quality, always be directly connected to the Jeep via USB cable. Bluetooth streaming compromises sound quality due to the limits of frequency transmission in its protocol. 

  2. Flat EQ + tone controls (loudness off, bass/treble flat) for first 3 hours of listening. Post break-in, make subtle adjustments as your music tastes require. 

  3. Enjoy these test tracks to highlight the capabilities of your new speaker upgrade.

If you haven't done so already, secure your reservation for the world's finest Jeep speaker upgrade. 

We'll be announcing more innovations for your Jeep as we move into 2023, so keep an eye on our social channels for updates. 

Rock on!