Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our speakers, installation, and warranty.






Do these speakers add more bass to my system?

This is a tricky question, but one that does need addressing. While we're not adding any additional power, larger mid basses or subwoofers to the system, you will notice an overall improvement in bass response after installing your Terra Acoustics upgrades.

This is due to two factors: When we upgrade the front soundstage where the primary distortion occurs with the factory speakers, we're "leveling" the playing field with the larger mid bass and subwoofers (when the factory system is equipped) so there is a better balance of sound when the volume is turned up.

Secondly, your ears will hear an improvement (and your body will feel it) in the overall bass response as the factory mid basses and subwoofers can play at higher volumes without distortion coming into the soundstage as the Terra Acoustics upgrades are slightly less efficient and of much higher quality than the factory speakers that were replaced.

Why don't these speakers make my stereo louder?

While our speakers do allow for overall improvements in upper listening levels due to the midrange + tweeters no longer distorting, we're not adding any additional power to the system therefore it cannot play "louder". But wait, there's more...

The speakers will, however, seem to be louder in the sense that the music no longer breaks up as you turn up the volume. This is our intent. This is good. Enjoy it!

How long does it take for my speakers to properly break in?

We can't overstate this enough; it takes at least 3 hours of listening for the speakers to properly break in. This means moderate to moderately loud listening levels. Think of it like taking a partner out on a first date; be easy. The good times will come...

What does breaking in a speaker even mean? The surrounds, spiders, cones and domes all settle into themselves as they get used to moving thousands of times per second. The materials soften up, warm up, and ultimately sign their signatures on your music as we intended; with brilliant detail.

Do you have a speaker + grille upgrade for my vehicle?

If you don't see a product listing for your particular vehicle, we don't have a specific upgrade at this time. Keep in mind there are applications for our speakers within the same makes that may accommodate your needs with some slight variations. Reach out to us and we'll come up with a solution; we're old-school pros with regards to retrofitting ...

How can I make my stereo sound better even if I don't buy Terra Acoustics upgrades?

First and foremost, set all bass + treble + midrange to flat, or exactly in the middle. Next, turn all speed volume settings to off or minimum. Lastly, turn off all external EQ's on your source devices if you're streaming or digitally connected via USB. This allows a clean, unaltered signal into the amplifier. This is how the engineer who mastered the music intended it to be heard. At higher volumes distortion will be at a minimum, and your music will be more balanced and detailed. You can adjust your bass and treble as desired at lower volumes for subtle enhancements, but remember that as you turn up the volume the music will distort proportionately.

In short, once you audibly recognize what undistorted, clear music is supposed to sound like you'll be able to recognize distortion in your music and make adjustments accordingly.


What is the 60 Day Performance Guarantee + Audition Period?

TL;DR - You don't love 'em, send 'em back. And get your hearing professionally evaluated.

Simply install your new speakers, give them a thorough audition using our Spotify playlist as well as your favorite tunes, and fully experience your new speakers for a good 2-3 hours of listening time as they continue to break in. Make sure all settings on your radio/source unit are set to flat, that all device EQ modes are set to "off" or "flat", and you'll be enjoying your music like never before.

If by some strange reason you find yourself not in love with your music again we'll cover the return shipping and give you a full refund. If you order speakers and don't get around to installing them and would like to return them within the 60 day period, you're welcome to do so however you'll be responsible for shipping costs back to Terra Acoustics. That being said, take the 10 minutes to install them and you won't even consider sending them back!

How do I obtain warranty service if an issue arises?

Drop us a line at should you suspect something is amiss. We'll go through a quick diagnostic process and should we find something that's not easily sorted in real time, we'll get a replacement speaker on the way to you the next business day.

Are shipping costs covered in the event a swap or replacement is needed?

100% covered. Unless damage to a speaker/griller occurred during installation or you mistook your speakers for rocks and threw them at a passing wild boar, we'll cover all shipping costs in the event a speaker is problematic in any way. If you caused damage during installation, of course you'll be responsible for all costs including speaker(s), grilles, and shipping.

Is the warranty transferable?

The warranty is non-transferable. If you're buying or selling used speakers, that's par for the course.

What if I experience an issue with my Terra Acoustics upgrade?

First of all, we'd suggest checking out troubleshooting guide <here>. There can only be one or two possible issues, both of which are covered in detail. If that doesn't resolve things, grab a beer, take a deep breath, and have another look at the issue. If no such luck, and before you've had too many beers, drop us a line at That's the fastest way to get a hold of us, and we'll work with you to resolve the concern as quickly as possible. It's always something simple.


How do I install my Terra Acoustics upgrades?

It's simple. Head to our Installation Guides and find your specific upgrade. Further, there will be a QR code in your packaging that you can simply scan with your smartphone and it will take you directly to a video covering the process.

Can I have my local shop install my upgrades for me?

You certainly could have a local shop install your speakers for you. Most shops charge a minimum of 1 hour of labor, which varies widely depending on your location. But since it only takes a novice a few minutes per side to handle the installation we'd recommend watching our videos in our Installation Guides and handling it yourself.

Are there Terra Acoustics dealers near me?

In order to keep our costs inline with delivering you the utmost in audio performance, we do not have a dealer network in place. Were we to have one, our dealers would need to add at least 50% to what you're paying directly from Terra Acoustics. Given the simplicity of installing our products, we simply don't need a dealer network given modern technologies in reaching and serving new customers.

However, given our industry presence over the past 25 years we do work with shops all over the country. We would be happy to point you in the right direction should you seek assistance with installation or building a full-blown audio system based around Terra Acoustics loudspeakers.

What tools do I need to install my Terra Acoustics upgrades?

All tools necessary are included in your Terra Acoustics upgrades. That's right. What?! Yep.

While vehicles vary slightly from one another with specific bolt sizes, etc, rest assured your kit will contain the tools required to get the job done. No digging around the garage, no cursing your neighbor for not returning your 10mm socket. Open the box and get to work. You'll be done in less than 10 minutes.


What items are returnable?

Any upgrade purchased from Terra Acoustics can be returned for any reason within the first 60 days. No worries. We want you to love your purchase, and if you don't we'll gladly accept a return without any hassles. Terra Acoustics covers return shipping costs if you're not happy with your upgrade for any reason.

All returns must have a Return Authorization Number. Contact us directly for an RA.

When will my refund be issued?

Your refund will be returned to your original payment method within 5 business days of your return being received and processed by our team.

Am I responsible for return shipping costs?

Terra Acoustics covers return shipping costs if you're not happy with your upgrade for any reason. Now, if you receive your upgrade and DO NOT install it and therefore don't audition it, we will not pay for return shipping. We will inspect all returns and if the speakers haven't been installed you will be billed a flat $20US.

All returns must have a Return Authorization Number. Contact us directly for an RA.

How long do I have to return a product after I receive it?

You have 60 days from the day you receive your upgrade to fully evaluate and audition the speakers. Within those 60 days if you're not blown away by our speakers you can return them at no cost provided you've installed them. If you did not install them, you can return the speakers at your cost.

All returns must have a Return Authorization Number. Contact us directly for an RA.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not offer international shipping at this time. We recommend sending your upgrades to a friend and having them forward along to you. Our 60 day audition still applies, but you will be responsible for any shipping charges related to returning products to Terra Acoustics for any reason.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

We do not offer any expedited shipping at this time. We are also not able to bill third party shipping accounts or offer any amended shipping options. We will cover ground shipping at no cost to you if you reside in the lower 48 States. If you're in HI or AK, we'll do our best to keep shipping costs to a minimum.

It'll be there soon. Super soon! We ship the same or next business day without fail.

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