Design to the highest standards, acoustically and aesthetically. Focus on dramatic improvements across the largest spectrum of sound in the most important location of the listening environment. Keep it simple and cost-effective. And perhaps most importantly, aggressively overdeliver.


Take the speakers most responsible for defining a soundstage (where you really "hear" the focus of the music) in your Jeep (the speakers atop the dashboard), spare no expense developing lively, warm 6061 aluminum midrange drivers along with smooth, detailed 20mm silk dome tweeters incorporated into elegantly reimagined grilles, and make it nearly effortless to install yourself in about 10 minutes.

The Jeep interior is a complicated environment in which to reproduce high quality sound. The overall road noise combined with the general poor positioning of the majority of the factory speakers leaves us a beautiful opportunity to transform the listening experience with a single, simple speaker system. And that's just what we've done with our SoundStage upgrade.

Our SoundStage upgrade addresses the one location in the Jeep where we can truly control the image and placement of midrange and high frequencies. Thank goodness Jeep left us that option, as otherwise we'd be hard pressed to make a meaningful improvement given the other speakers in the vehicle either fire directly at our knees or into the abyss behind us.

Without requiring the user spending thousands of dollars and untold amounts of time, we've taken our decades of speaker + audio system design knowledge and directed it toward a single, easy to install upgrade that unequivocally has the largest overall impact in how you hear your music in your Jeep.


Consulting with some of the most award-winning engineers in the audio space, we start with a purpose. Using Faro 3D scanners to model the contours of the upper dash panels, those files are fed into SolidWorks where we're able to manipulate the scans into our overall vision for the components.

We take visual cues from the interior of the Jeep and integrate our tweeters in such a way that they appear to be a premium factory upgrade. And most importantly, we spend months fine-tuning the acoustical performance of the System to ensure that you hear your music exactly as the studio engineers and recording artists intended.

No wasted effort. Focusing on what matters most in the listening environment. Making it effortless to install and enjoy. That's our promise to you.


TL;DR: Ineffective from a sound quality perspective, unnecessary expense.

The speakers in the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator sound bar are obviously already behind us, and given the movement of sound through the cabin as the Jeep is in motion we see little reason in changing out speakers that aren't effectively improving the presence of the soundstage in front of us (think of a band at a concert). We spent the better part of 18 months dialing in this upgrade, and after extensive modeling and actual prototypes installed in the rear sound bar we just didn’t see (or hear) a valid reason to “upgrade” speakers behind you. 

Sure, you can "hear" some additional sound coming from behind you but your ears/brain can't process it in such a way that enhances the sound quality in the front seats. We could’ve easily “designed” some rear speakers (hell, the midrange drivers are identical) and sold it as an upgrade, but our mission remains simple; focus on what truly works and makes the most meaningful impact on the listening experience. 

Measure twice, cut once.

Hear the rich, vibrant details your Jeep has been missing.

Now that you know what drives us, let's find you the right speaker upgrade for your Jeep.