Already have an aftermarket system in your Jeep? Take it to the next level.

If you’ve already begun the upgrading process in your Jeep and are making the final, most important upgrade to your system using our Front SoundStage Upgrade, you’ll order this configuration: "I have an aftermarket system."

We’ve added a first-order filter at 200Hz on the midrange driver, with the tweeter filtered at ~1.8kHz and wired in parallel presenting a 7.1 Ohm load.

If your amplifier makes power at 4 ohms per channel (most do), you’ll want something around the 50-75 watt range for our components.

You’ll simply engage the high pass filter (likely already selected) and from there you’ll tune your system as follows:

  • With all speakers and output channels connected, turn ALL gains on ALL channels of the amplifier to the minimum.
  • Adjust head unit output volume to 80% of its maximum. For example, if your head unit max volume is 50, turn its volume to 40. There won’t be much output (if any) given the amplifier gains are turned down, so now we’re ready to begin tuning.
  • Set head unit and/or EQ settings to FLAT for 3 hour break-in session. After 3 hours, you can make subtle adjustments to tailor the sound to your specific liking.
  • SLOWLY adjust the gains on the channels connected to the Terra Acoustics Front Soundstage, until you’ve reached top-end volume.
  • Blend in the subwoofer (if present) next. SLOWLY bring the subwoofer into the soundstage until it’s enveloping the cabin and acoustically balanced with the front soundstage.
  • Lastly, bring up the gains on the channels connected to the sound bar. Allow for a front-bias in the tuning, so the sound behind you does NOT overwhelm the front soundstage. Remember, our ears are tuned to focus in FRONT of us.

What about the existing aftermarket upgrade that’s already in my Jeep?

If you’d just tossed in a set of cheap 3.5” “coaxials” with 13mm tweeters or gone with a more traditional 2-way component set with the midwoofers down by your knees and the tweeters up in the dash, you’ll hear staging and definition like NEVER before with our industry-defining component system.